Bundle Box is a temporary pavilion designed for La Guarimba International Film Festival. It is composed of a series of triangular elements made out of wood and fabric. Due to its modular nature, the structure can be modified and turned into something different every year, in order to find the best fit for the ever-changing needs of the festival. The self-supporting components of Bundle Box can be arranged in different ways within the Parco della Grotta in Amantea, where the event takes place, establishing every time a different relationship with the surrounding natural elements. Visitors gain access to the film festival via this bright and welcoming space.

In 2016 it was used to exhibit “PANS”, a project by photographer Maria Degtiarienko. In 2017 Bundle Box hosted “Artists for La Guarimba”, a collection of 30 posters made by artists from all over the world specifically for this event. The result is a melting pot of styles, colours and languages.

program: Temporary pavilion
location: Amantea (Cosenza), Italy
client: Cultural Association La Guarimbra
status: Completed
team: Amor Vacui Studio (Marzio Di Pace, Claudia Palumbo, Eleonopa Parascandalo, Salvatore Sannino,
Rosa Sessa)
photo credit: Olga Zarko