D. GALLERY is an installation for an exhibition of illustrations within the seventh edition of the Disorder Rock Music Festival. The festival, which takes place in the Sant’Antonio Arena in Eboli, exists since 2010 but this is the first time it opens its doors to forms of art other than music. Because of that, we were asked to design an exhibition space for a collection of illustration made for this event by a series artists.

The installation had to be modular and simple to dismantle for storage. Apart from these few guidelines, we were given total freedom of action. We selected an area right beside the main stage, a space that was generally dark and underused. The need to light up the works of art gave us the chance to design the limit of this new found exhibition space with a single gesture. Made out of steel frames and a led strip, this installation performs its function lighting up its surroundings and creating a welcoming open-air lounge. Its simple yet strong configuration as a series of arches signals its presence from the distance while giving an architectural allure to the area. This strip of light does not interfere with the lights of the concert, yet neither it is overwhelmed by them. The installation finds its balance in the background of the stage, also offering a new and bright frame to the whole event.


program: Cultural
location: Eboli (Salerno), Italy
client: Cultural Association Macrostudio
status: Completed
team: Amor Vacui Studio (Marzio Di Pace, Eleonopa Parascandalo, Salvatore Sannino, Rosa Sessa)